Monopoly: Gameplay

Another game central to childhood is Monopoly. It involves a square playing board which requires players to move in a single direction across it. Players must choose between several pawns, which represent significant developments of the generation or staple fixtures of the era, and roll dice to determine where they will move their piece. Depending on where the piece is placed after rolling, the player can purchase real estate or improve upon previously acquired land. People are also sometimes subject to “chance” and “community chest” cards, which assign consequences depending on the card. Each card has a different outcome but the likelihood of having a positive or negative outcome depends on which pile is chosen from. Riskier cards are generally drawn from the “chance” pile while the safer cards usually come from the “community chest” pile. The objective of the game is to acquire as much land and real estate as possible [1]. The original version of the game looked very similar to the modern game and the game play style also remained close [2].

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