The Game of Life: Gameplay

The Game of Life is one of the most iconic games of childhood. This game involves people moving across a set path on the board which has separate sections that dictate different life events. For instance, a player can have a child or become a world-class athlete. Although the game does not offer many free choices, it presents enough binary choices that players feel as though they are able to impact the outcome of the game. The choices include different paths to take as well as different reactions to a single event. Furthermore, the game allows players to choose whether or not to commit to different investments such as purchasing a home or attending university. In order to win the game, players must have the most money at retirement. One can gain money in a variety of ways. Firstly, there are squares that one can land on that gives money as a prize or compensation. Secondly, players can invest and every time another player spins the number marked on the stock owned by the initial player, that player earns money as a reward. Players are also required to hold a career, which pays a set amount of money depending on the amount of times that the player passes “payday” squares. Also, for certain “life events” players earn “life tiles” which offer varied amounts of money depending on the magnitude of the actions taken. Finally, players are offered the chance to purchase a home and may sell it at the end of the game, along with their stocks.[1] The original Game of Life involved making choices about leading a personally satisfactory life. One began the game as a baby and ended at either death or old age. In between those stages, one had the opportunity to battle negatively tinged squares and strive for positively colored ones.[2]

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