Why Board Games Matter


Some games are isolated to the field of leisure, however others are dedicated to the task of education, whether intentionally or not. These games are generally well disguised in the public repertoire and so are not immediately seen as political or idealistic impositions upon public sentiment. While there are overtly political games, such as 1960: The Making of the President which deals with the Presidential campaign between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, others have been made political over their time in commission.[2] These subtle games include the Game of Life, Monopoly, Clue and Battleship. Not only are these games played by adults but they are also played by children, which means that the contemporary political messages of the game are passed onto those young members of society. Though the message changes over time with some of these games, the dominant atmosphere of the time period in which the game is played is reflected in the way the game is played and how the board looks. Some of the other games are still covertly political but have not evolved so represent an old vision of America and its culture.



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[2] “2008 Winners: GENERAL STRATEGY – 2-PLAYER CATEGORY”, International Gamers Awards, accessed April 19, 2017, http://www.internationalgamersawards.net/winners-and-nominees/winners/2008-winners



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