Battleship: Implications

BSNJ-in-Blue-Water-1980s-web-carouselWhile this game never states which nations are represented, it can be assumed that the makers of the game intended the player to feel as though they were defenders of the free world, fighting against promoters of social evils. These social evils when the game was invented in the First World War were the Central Powers [1]. This initial game taught people to honor their country and perhaps even allowed the soldiers to relax because the board was easily transportable. The new version of the game has kept the principles of naval strategy however has lost much of the sting of the First World War. The new version of the game instead promotes the idea of fighting for that which is good in the world in general.



[1] “History of the Game”, Battleship Game Page, accessed April 25, 2017,


a) “America’s Most Decorated Battleship”, Battleship New Jersey, accessed April 25, 2017,


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